Deodorant  - Citrus
Deodorant  - Citrus
Deodorant  - Citrus
Deodorant  - Citrus

Deodorant - Citrus

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Little Mango's range of natural deodorant really does work. 

An aluminium-free deodorant, with nourishing butters and oils and a burst of grapefruit.   You are left feeling fresh and revitalised

Made with love right here in New Zealand, our deodorants are completely natural. We do not use harsh chemicals, synthetic fillers or mineral oils. Our deodorants also don't clog your pores with aluminium, allowing you to sweat naturally. The active ingredient, sodium bicarbonate, eliminates body odour. 

Our deodorant is made from the most natural and simple ingredients:  shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, tapioca, sodium bicarbonate, sweet almond oil and essential oils. Deodorants are made from plant-based ingredients or natural compounds. There is no testing on animals. Jars are recyclable 

Apply a small pea-sized amount, as you would a moisturiser under your arms, for all-day protection. Deodorants come in a 50g glass jar and can last up to 5 months or longer. 

Handcrafted in NZ

This product is used by the Fox's Lair Team